At WeType4u, we understand that everyone needs transcription services at some point or another. This is why we keep upgrading our services so that our clients can use it without any problem.

  1. Using WeType4u Toll-Free line – You can record your dictation anywhere, any time without any special tool using just your mobile phone by dialing WeType4u Toll-Free number 1-888-750-1999. Dial our toll-free number and press 1 and you are ready to dictate. We have made IVR dictation super easy no need to key in account number, template number and priority using key pad which was error prone instead now you can just speak these details before starting of actual dictation. Once you are done press any key or stop talking to end the call.
  2. Record Online –You can record audio for transcription with our online tool after recording done, download the audio file in local system and upload it on our website’s “Upload Audio” page.
  3. Upload Pre-Recorded Audio – If you have pre-recorded audio file you can directly upload it on our website’s “Upload Audio” page.
  4. Email Audio – You can also drop us an email at with audio file as attachment and following details in the mail body:
    a. Account Number
    b. Template Number
    c. Priority (Silver/Gold/Platinum) (Check Our Rates)
  5. File Transfer (FTP)– We can also configure personalized ftp account which can be used with any of the FTP client application like FileZilla, CoreFTP, CuteFTP etc. FTP account can be used for uploading the audio files and for securely accessing all your archival data like audio files, transcribed document and template files. Personalized FTP/SFTP is a value added service.


Above we have mentioned all the methods for using our services but still if you feel like something is missing or anything else you need to know, you can always ping us. Our email ID is, you can also create a support ticket at our support center. We will be more than happy to help you!


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