Transcription ServicesAn audio file recorded for Transcription should be of good quality and well audible to receive expected Transcription services and quality. There are few ways, you can follow to get a better experience in Transcription services.

Limit any background noise – When you decide to record the audio for Transcription make sure that you are sitting in quiet environment so that your dictation can be heard and typed exactly what you need and said in your audio file.
Go Slow – We don’t charge according to length of your audio file so the first thing you can do is to slow down the speed of word per minutes, that will made your audio file more clear and eliminate the chances of errors.
Place the microphones close to you – Place the microphones near to the speaker person. Whether it is a single person audio or interview / dialogue audio, it is important that audio should be enough loud and clear to get typed accurate.
Speak your Account Number/Template Number & Priority in the beginning – It is also another very important step to avoid any problem in receiving your document typed within your correct template required. Avoid speaking these details in between the dictation as cross talk is difficult to transcribe and many important details can be left unheard and untranscribed. So, it’s better to speak these important details in starting of dictation.

Although we have experienced and professional typists and quality checking team for Transcription but by following above steps you can get best Transcription experience with us.

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