When we talk about transcription service, there are so many service providers who claim to be Best Transcription Service provider. Here we are not claiming anything but just want to give you some reasons that if you are searching for a transcription service you can definitely give us a try.

Multiple Quality Checks
Even after get typed by highly experienced and trained typist, we ensure that every transcript goes through multiple checks before being declared fit to be released to the client.

Highly Experienced/Work Pool Specialist Typists
We don’t work on “one man army” rule have a dedicated team of experienced transcribers who have experience in transcribing work for more than 10 years in their own department/work pool and ready to work day night to give you Best Transcription Service experience you expect.

Audio/Video Transcription
No matter whether it is an audio or video we are ready to provide you our Best Transcription Services with accuracy of 99% regardless of the project and timeframe.

Time is money (Strictly Followed Turnarounds)
We understand that if you outsource transcription services then you must need the transcribed document within selected turnaround time without compromising on accuracy and quality. So we always take the turnarounds very strictly and provide you Best Transcription Service experience with us.
Platinum – 4 hours TAT
Gold – 9 Hours TAT
Silver – 24 Hours TAT
For more details please view our price and TAT details

Customer Support is free and always will be
We don’t provide bot support but live humans are there to provide you unmatched support on your every query. There are so many ways by which you can reach us:
1) Call us at our Toll Free Line 1-888-750-1999 and press 2, one of our available executive will take the call and answer your query.
2) Use our website online chat option for instant support.
3) You can send us a message using our website contact us page.
4) Email us at support@wetype4u.org
5) Create a support ticket on our support center to contact our RAF team they will response and resolve your ticket/query by all possible means.

Here at WeType4u, we don’t want our client to compromise on anything neither on accuracy or transcribed document quality nor on turnarounds. So we take these things on our priority and provide you Best Transcription Service Experience with us.

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